Quick tips to turn your hair from flat to fab.

There's nothing worse that flat hair ruining your look , the key to keeping flat hair at bay is by focusing on lifting the roots. Once the roots are lifted you instantly get that drab to fab hair.

Hack one:

Style your layers for a lasting lift

Perfect for building body and volume, make the most of your layers no matter what your hair length. styling choppy layers with a curling wand or our CurlME kit is a great way to play with textures.Take layers at various lengths and curl some of the ends inwards and others outwards. This will add the illusion of fuller hair around the face.


Hack two:

Get a fringe

Instant magic trick is by getting  a fringe or faking it with a clip in. This can add the illusion of instant fullness. By pulling a section of hair to the front of the face, it gives the illusion that there is a uniform thickness to the rest of your tresses. The result? Locks that appear less flat and more weighted.


Hack three:

Prep your with the right shampoo and conditioner combo

If you have flat hair it’s important to add a volume-boosting step into every part of your hair care routine, you should be investing in a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to add serious volume. The TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Shampoo and conditioner is great. Plus our BoostME spray will help add more lift in your roots.


Hack four:

Use the right kind of hairbrush to avoid flat hair

A vented brush will allow hot air to access your strands from all angles when blow-drying. This not only speeds up the process, but also locks in the style along every strand. We suggest avoiding brushes with metal bristles as these can warm up too quickly and damage delicate hair.


Hack Five

Use a dry shampoo to add fullness

The natural build up of oils on your scalp during the day can add weight to your roots, making your hair fall flat. Boost up your hairstyle with a healthy dose of dry shampoo to lighten the look and feel of your hair.