How To: Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Professional

So we would all love to blo dry our hair like a pro but think it’s not possible right? But contrary to what you may think, it really is possible to blow-dry your own hair to salon standards at home, and while it might take a little longer and involve greater arm strength, you can save serious pennies by ditching your local hairdressers with these top tips.


1. Pre-treat your hair

Before you attempt your home blo-dry, always make sure you pre-treat hair with a hair mask or our PrepME spray as the exposure to high heat can leave your strands looking stressed and dry. Plus if your hair is already dry or damaged, you’ll struggle to get that shiny, bouncy and healthy finish.

2. Seperate your hair

Use hair clips to separate your hair into manageable sections. It is often easiest to begin by gathering the hair on the top of your head and clamping it with a hair clip. Allow the hair on the sides and back of your head to hang down naturally.

3. Pick a section

Remove any clips within the section of your hair you have chosen. Smaller sections of hair are easier to manage and will dry faster when you use a low or medium heat setting. The hair on the sides of your head will be the easiest to brush and dry, so you might want to start with them first.

4. Brush your loose hair

Get all of the tangles out of the hair that you do not have in the hair clip. Try to make your hair as straight and smooth as you can using the brush.

5. Begin to blo

Then blow dry your hair while pulling the pieces through a paddle brush. Put the brush next to the roots underneath the strand of hair and pull the entire strand inward through the brush. At the same time, blow dry the brushed strand of hair from above, holding the blow dryer nozzle at a 90-degree angle. Proceed to blow dry the layered hair on the sides the same way, pulling it inward over a round brush.

6. Finish up

To create the glossy, classic look, simply use your fingers to pull your hair in place. Alternatively, you can hang your head upside down and shake your hair out for a more tussled and casual version of this usually sleek blowout hair style. Add hairspray for extra hold.


Check out our step by step tutorials on how to use CurlME to create the perfect blo dry without the fuss.