3 Ways To Fight The Christmas Bloat

It's that time a year again when we over indulge and get the dreaded bloated tummy. But don't worry Blo Queens we've got tried and tested tips and tricks that will get you feeling 100% in no time!

1. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar work as one of the best natural toners ever tried but it’s also an amazing de-bloating agent. Apple cider vinegar aids digestions and helps balance bacteria in the gut while killing any toxins. It also helps readjust the pH levels in the body, as the increased acidity allows your body to absorb more nutrients.


2. Drink Water

When you already feel full and can't eat other thing, your bloating might actually mean you haven't drank enough. it’s often dehydration that causes you to bloat, as when you’re dehydrated your body retains water to compensate for the lack of moisture. By regularly sipping H2O, you’ll also help flush toxins or excess salt through the body.


3.Sip On Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are a fast track ticket to feeling great. Our fave detox teas is green tea with an added slice of lemon. Green tea is an amazing fat burner and lemon will help detoxify your stomach, rebalance pH levels, and aid general digestion.