5 Reasons Why You Should Become A Morning Person

We all have the best intentions when we set our alarm for early on a Saturday. But how many of us hit snooze at least five times before getting up? In a perfect world, we would all be morning people. We would wake up at 6am, ready to take on the day without a grumpy face. There benefits to being an early riser. Those bad sleeping patterns not only affect our social lives but they also affect our health. We've got five reasons why you should get up to that first alarm:


1. A recent study found that there is a definite correlation between 'morningness' and self-reported happiness.

2. Among adolescents, night owls showed correlation with increase depression or depressive symptoms.

3. Early birds were linked to having lower BMIs

4. 40% of night owls suffer from insomnia compared to 20% of early risers

5. Morning people are more proactive and therefore better positioned to succeed, therefore this trait has a positive domino effect e.g. more productive because you have more time things to get things done.

But more importantly getting up early means we have more of the day to do the things we love!