How to get fresh hair after the gym without washing.

How to get fresh hair after the gym without washing.
Admit it. We've all skipped a workout to keep our hair looking fresh for a little while longer. Sometimes, the thought of dealing with a greasy mess of hair just isn't worth it when you have plans with friends. Or how many of you have just skipped the washing hair step all together and hoped nobody will notice?
But don’t worry we've gathered up the best ways to get fresh hair after the gym quicky and yes without washing it.
Before the gym:
Apply Dry Shampoo
Before popping our hair into a ponytail or bun, section off pieces of your hair and hit the roots with dry shampoo. Pay a little extra attention to the nape of your neck, as thats the area where the sweat builds up. Applying dry shampoo pre-workout will help it absorb moisture the minute you break a sweat and will continue to absorb it throughout your workout, keeping it much drier than it would normally be.
Choose the right Hairstyle
Low pony or bun
Pulling your hair up and away from the nape of your neck in a loose pony or messy bun is also important as it avoids getting your ends drenched in sweat and minimises creasing.
Braids are a classic way to keep hair from becoming wild and unruly, enhancing your natural texture if your hair is naturally curly. But If your hair is straight, the humidity at the gym will lead to heatless waves after your workout.
After the Gym
Instead of fighting with your oily hair, embrace it.  Brush your hair back with a paddle brush or comb, and twist it into a low bun or ponytail. Then, apply a few drops of hair oil to exaggerate the sleek look, spritz on a little hairspray to tame flyaways
Fragrant hair mists are specifically designed to load your hair up with a delicious scent, perfect for that post-workout refresh. Different from a perfume designed for the body, hair perfume mists contain essential vitamins and protective qualities to keep your hair not only smelling good, but looking and feeling good from the inside out.