5 tricks for a fuller ponytail.

From hairstyle to hairstyle, trend to trend you can always count on the humble ponytail to get you through a night out, the workday, or even a workout. A textured high pony tail, a braid , a sleek third day pony or a elegant low pony, the ponytail has remained a staple hairstyle for all. 
But some of us sadly are not blessed with a ponytail with life. volume and length. We've got a few tips to give that thin limp ponytail a bit of life.
Tip One: Add some clip in extensions.
tart off with by separating a small ponytail at the crown of your head. This little ponytail will act as a secure base for clipping in your hair extensions.
Clip your weft around the pony.  Be sure to clip it in as close to the hair elastic as possible, so that you will have space to clip in other wefts. The tighter you clip these wefts in around the hair elastic, the more comfortable and secure it will be. Now, gather all the remainder of your hair into a high ponytail, covering the first ponytail fully. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie and smooth away any flyaways.
Tip Two: Curl your hair 
The simplest solution is to curl your hair before popping it into a pony. By curling your hair and brushing out with a wide toothed comb, it will create the illusion of a thicker ponytail without the use of extensions. However this won't give you any length so perfect for those with longer hair.
Tip Three: The bobbie pin trick

If you have the length and the thickness but struggle to get the height then this is the trick for you! By adding two or three bobby pins under your hair tie your hair will lift and sit higher than it would without. Giving you that added height you need.

Tip Four: Backcombing

Another simple way of adding some volume into your ponytail is by backcombing your crown as well as the top of the pony itself. Once your hair is up in its pony backcomb the top close to the hair tie and go layer by layer. Use of VolumizeME brush to backcomb and to smooth down. 


Tip Five: Double Up

Separate your hair into two sections, tie off the top portion, and then tie off the bottom half. The first pony will fall on top of the second pony, camouflaging it and leaving you with the illusion of one fuller, longer ponytail.














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