Big Shower Mistakes that are Ruining Your Skin

So you've been showering for the whole of your life, right? But did you know the way you could be showering is actually damaging your skin? By cutting out these mistakes, it’ll result in cleaner and softer skin.

Bella Hadid with a head towel on taking a selfie in the mirror


1) Too Hot: It may feel great but soaking your skin in hot water actually dries out your skin. Those super hot showers strip your skin of their natural oils and dehydrate it. Also, you should cut back on how long you are spending in the shower. Just 5 to 10 minutes is ideal, but if you’re washing your hair, aim for 15 minutes.


2) Not Masking: The experts say the best time to do your face mask is in the shower, when your pores are open from the warmth of the water. This means that hydrating and nourishing masks will be able to deliver all their vitamins and minerals as they can soak into your pores more easily. Similarly, those 'extracting’ masks like clay, mud, and charcoal can pull more toxins from your open pores, without running the risk of dehydrating your skin as the mask won’t completely dry out.


3) Shaving at the Beginning: The key is to wait until the end of your shower (or while you have your conditioner in.) By this time, your hairs will have softened and your pores will have opened, making it much easier to get a closer, smoother shave.


4) Using Old Sponges: Loofahs and sponges collect bacteria and mold due to the damp conditions they’re stored in, which can lead to rashes or dry patches. Ideally you shouldn’t use either for longer than a month. To keep your loofah or sponge in the best condition, ring it out as much as possible after using it, and allow it to dry completely before you next use it. Or alternatively don't leave it in the shower after it has dried out. Stick it in a cuboard out the way.


6) Not Moisturizing Soon Enough: The aim is not to be completely dry after your shower, but to use any leftover moisture on your skin to your advantage when you moisturize. Experts agree that within three to five minutes after you shower is the best time to rehydrate your skin. Moisturizer and body oils act as a barrier to lock in moisture as these contain natural vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to help restore your skin.


Change these small ways you shower and you'll be reaping the benefits in no time!