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How to tame that frizzy Summer hair?

How to tame that frizzy Summer hair?

Summer can play havoc with our hair no matter how healthy it is we all relate to that frizz bomb staring at us in the mirror. From the sun, chlorine or styling tools our hair takes a beating during our holidays. We’ve got the best tips for you to beat the frizz and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. 


How to tame that frizz…

step one:Skip the shampoo now and again.

While it might seem counterproductive to nourished, clean hair—experts warn against overdoing it on the scrub-and-rinse cycle. Colorist and entrepreneur Kacey Welch explains that when we shampoo our hair too frequently, we strip any moisture and natural oils away from it. With a mixture of sun and chlorine it may be best to avoid the shampoo for a couple of days. 


Instead of a regular shampoo, try a hair rinse instead.


Switch to a micro-fiber hair towel.


Think about your after-shower routine. What do you do first? Likely you soak up any water on your skin with a towel and then scrub away at your hair until it isn’t dripping wet. This is a no-no regular cotton towels can contribute to frizziness since they act like velcro to the hair. Instead, invest in a micro-fiber towel that is gentle on static-sensitive strands.


Use a conditioning hair mask. 


Frizz on holiday is mostly caused by dehydration, your goal with your conditioner is to add as much moisture as possible. The best way to do this is through a series of treatments that will penetrate the hair shaft, keeping it moisturized all the time. Along with your daily conditioner, weekly use deep conditioner while your away and when your back home.


Always use a heat protector


If you can’t stay away from your styling tools while away its important to ALWAYS use a heat protecting spray. We recommend our PrepME spray which also includes a UV protection from those pesky sun rays. By using a heat protector your hair will lock in its moisture and prevent any dryness. 


But the best way to prevent  frizziness on holiday? cover up your hair as much s possible, keep it out the sun and out the water! This is the best way to prevent your hair becoming dehydrated. 





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