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10 Curly Wedding Hairstyles

10 Curly Wedding Hairstyles

We're here to give you some hair inspiration ahead of the big day. Take a look at our top 10 curly wedding hairstyles, you'll be surprised at how many different styles there are.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. We know you want to look amazing and we're here to give you some hair inspiration ahead of the big day. Take a look at our top 10 curly wedding hairstyles, you'll be surprised how many different types there is.




Bride with pink flowers

1. Half Up, Half Down

Classic and elegant, this half up half down style suites any age and any face shape. Full of volume on top, met with thick bouncy curls on the bottom. Add a stylish hair clip at the back to cover any bobby pins holding your hair in place.

Bride with long curls and bangs

2. Long Curls with Bangs

We love this modern look. Team up some long curly blown curls with a choppy textured fringe, this will frame your face and give you a more modern edgy hairstyle for your big day. For a more traditional look, add a simple headband or hair clip.

Bride with loose wavy hair

3. Loose Waves

Thinking of keeping your hair simple? Then this is the look for you. This relaxed and beachy feel looks amazing with an elegant hair clip. Tip: Keep the look casual by minimizing oil from your crown, which can migrate down the hair shaft and flatten waves. Try not to condition your crown a few days before the big day.

Bride with a side clasp and natural curls

4. Side Clasp with Natural Curls

This hairstyle will definitely make you look fresh and youthful. Simply curl your hair into loose and tight curls, then run your hand through them to add texture. Part the hair on one side and use a big accessory to hold the hair in place. You can also apply a hairspray to help hold the style longer.

Bride with a curly updo

5. Curly Updo Bun

We love this classic hairstyle with a twist! This look is elegant and stylish. To achieve this look, curl the hair with a curling wand and loosely pin it up. Start a loose braid then pin with the rest of the hair. Let a few strands loose to soften your face. Decorate it with cute jewels or a hairband.

Bride with full volume hair

6. Full and Full of Volume

The classic curly blow dry is always a winning look. Thick, full bouncy curls with a simple side part. For extra wow factor, add a stunning veil. Don’t forget to Prep the hair with a heat spray to help protect your hair, then use a textured boost spray for some extra volume. Finish off with hairspray for hold that will last all night!

Bride with curly ponytail

7. Curly Ponytail

Don’t feel like wearing your hair down? Then this full curl pony tail will be your thing. Start off with a classic curly blow, add some modern braids to add depth and then simply tie it up. Finish by wrapping a small amount of hair around the bobble tie to hide any pins or bobbles.

Angelina Jolie with undone curls

8. Undone Curls

Those undone waves don't have to look messy. Take notes from Angelina's pinned back do that keeps volume in the top for extra glamour. Add some statement earrings to complete the look.

Corn rows and waves

9. Corn Rows ft. Waves

This unique look is one of our favourites, if you want a statement look that nobody has thought of before this is your winning look! Start by doing two tight corn rows by your centre line. Then using a curling iron, wrap your hair around loosely to create a relaxed beach vibe. Team up with simple earrings and a stunning dress!

Lily Collins with sleek bouncy hair

10. Sleek and Bouncy

This is one for all you city brides. A sleek Jackie O style bob with short, loose bouncy curls. This looks perfect with a clean white dress or jumpsuit. Simply add volume and smoothing oil from the ears up. Then curl using a curling wand from the ear down. Add hairspray for extra hold.




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