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10 Curly Hairstyles for Medium Hair

10 Curly Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Are you bored of having the same old style and want to change up your look? We've made a list of the 10 best curly hairstyles for medium length hair, you won't want to miss out!
Woman with bleached blonde hair


1. Long, Layered Shag Cut

If you haven’t heard of a shag haircut it’s the perfect style for medium to thick hair, plus it’s super easy to style. Wear it sleek with a middle parting and soft waves or add lots of bedhead textures for an effortlessly, messy and tousled look.

Glamorous woman with retro curls


2. Flowing Retro Curls

Big bouncy vintage-style curls that look amazing on medium length hair. This look is the perfect go-to hairstyle for all sorts of special occasions and parties. To achieve the look, create loose, large curls using a curling iron or our large heated rollers, then gently brush out the curls for a softer, effect.

Woman with tousled waves


3. Tousled Waves

Want your hair to appear more voluminous with bouncy tresses? Apply some heat protection and boost spray before blow-drying. Then use the a curling tong to create your curls, leaving them to cool completely before using your fingers to loosen them up add some texture spray to create more lived-in messy vibe.

Kate Winslet wavy hair

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4. Cute and Wavy

If you aren't very confident yet but want to work a glamorous style take a leaf out of Kate Winslet‘s book, and work your messy strands into gorgeous loose curls! This type of hairstyle helps to give the appearance of fuller-looking locks, and can easily be changed up by switching the position of your parting or popping it up into a curly pony or bun.

Woman with sandy blonde hair


5. Hollywood Glamour

We love this sophisticated look its a neater, more polished way of wearing your mid-length hairstyle. It Involves using rollers to get them big bounce curls and lots of hairspray, it’s the perfect way to glamorize your tresses.

Alexa Chung with soft waves


6. Bed Head Textures

This is all about amping up the texture and making the most of that natural, undone aesthetic which totally complements any mid length hair. With softly tousled waves and lived-in kinks, it girl Alexa Chung truly embodies this look and we think you will too!

Flicked out waves


7. Flicked Out Waves

Time to give your hair loads of body and shape by cutting some face-framing layers into your locks. Ask your stylist to graduate the length of your tresses so that your layers blends seamlessly together, then use a hair dryer or our CurlME to lightly flick and curl your layers out at the ends. This will help to frame your face better.

Curly perm hair in a bun

8. Curly Bun

Are your curls still in from yesterday, but not quite looking their best? Why not whip them up into a curly topknot. Make sure your knot is a little loose then pull a few strands away to soften the look and frame your face. Add some texture spray for a more messy vibe.

Natural curls

9. Natural Curls

We aren't all blessed with naturally defined ringlets, so it is best to invest in some good curling tongs and add a faux wave to your lengths. Finish with a spritz of shine spray for a glossy finish and always use a heat protector.

Bouncy blo dry

10. Bouncy Blo Dry

The curly blo is hands down our favourite. Easy to do with our CurlME and get big bouncy curls that last all night! This is also the easiest way to make your hair appear thicker if yours is on the thinner side. Add some hairspray to finish and your set!




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