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5 Hair care myths you shouldn’t believe.

5 Hair care myths you shouldn’t believe.

Yes we’ve heard them all here at Pro Blo HQ, but those  hair care solutions to make hair longer, thicker, and shinier are usually not true. 

Yes we’ve heard them all here at Pro Blo HQ, but those  hair care solutions to make hair longer, thicker, and shinier are usually not true. So, it’s time to separate those hair myths from hair facts.


Myth #1: Cutting your hair more often makes it grow faster


We really wished this one was true as its probably the biggest hair myth out there. However it’s simply debunked by looking at the science of hair. Hair grows from the follicles found in the scalp, therefore cutting hair strands has nothing to do with the root from which they grow. Hair follicles are also linked to genetics and while there have been some tests and studies around products and solutions said to help grow or improve follicle count, cutting or trimming the hairoften does nothing for hair growth.


Myth #2: Wash with cold water for ultimate shine


Sadly there’s no solid proof that washing your hair with cold watermakes a difference than washing with warm, or even hot water. Experts, however, do recommend aiming the showerhead or spray of water away from the scalp and more towards the mid-shaft of the hair. Especially when conditioning, this preserves more of the product in the hair and scalp and saves the scalp from harsh pressure.  


Myth #3: Dry shampoo is just as good as regular shampoo


Admit it who uses dry shampoo a little more than they should?  Dry shampoois a savior  but it is in no way a replacement for regular water, shampoo and conditioner. Dry shampoo simply soaks up excess oil and grease from the hair and some products even add a nice scent, but that’s all it does. Sadly it doesn’t clean.


Myth #4: Plucking grey hairs make two more grow in its place


Finally one we are glad isn’t true ! Experts say plucking the grey hairs is not the cause for their multiplication. Plucking a grey hair can actually cause damage to the hair follicle which may stunt or hinder any hair growth. Also, one hair strand grows from one follicle, so it is not possible for multiple hairs (no matter what color) to pop up instead of a single one.  But maybe just invest in a root cover up instead of plucking them out.


Myth #5: Do not condition if you have oily or thin hair


Also false. Oily hair is caused by an excess of sebum in the scalp and thin hair can be attributed to genes or sometimes, previous damage. Not conditioning your hair whether it’s greasy or thin is only doing your natural crown a disservice. Every hair type needs conditioner but if your hair is thin only use a small amount on the ends of your hair to reduce any greasiness.




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