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How To: Blow Dry a Bob

How To: Blow Dry a Bob

You may think blow drying your hair is straight forward, but you're probably making more mistakes than you realise. Don't worry though, we've got your back and we've put together a short guide on how to blow dry your bob.
Woman with short brown bob taking a selfie with her phone

IMAGE CREDIT: Olivia Culpo

Start with a Good Cut

Without the right shape, a blow-dried bob will end in disaster. Top hair dresser Rogers says “You need beveled ends,” in simple terms it means a few subtly uneven layers. This will break up any overly clean, blunt edges.


Prep Your Hair

Mist towel-dried hair with a styling spray we recommend our Prep me to not only protect it from heat damage, but to also give more volume and oomph to any wave you make.


Focus on the Roots

Once you start blow-drying, to create extra movement, use a flat brush to stretch the root of your hair in any and every direction This will create lift, that’s bouncy but not boring. For more volume, flip your head upside down and focus the heat at the roots.


Create Waves

Pick up a medium-sized round brush or our medium barrels then wrapped your hair around it, twisting some toward, and some away from your face using the hairdryer to set the shape with heat. By manipulating the hair in opposite directions, you’ll create a more natural voluminous look.


Then Texturize, Texturize, Texturize

Once your blowout is complete, used a light texturizing spray, gently massage it into your hair. Finally add 1-2 drops of a styling serum we suggest SmoothME to get that Bouncing, shiny, healthier hair look.




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