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Why Your Perfume Fades Quicker In Winter

Why Your Perfume Fades Quicker In Winter

Sadly, your perfume has a tendency to fade quicker during the winter. But don’t worry, we have some quick and easy hacks that’ll will make your perfume last all day long!

Why Your Fragrance Fades Quicker in Winter

Thanks to the cold winter temperatures, your skin’s natural moisture levels decrease, and as a result, your skin is drier, which means the perfume isn’t able to last on the skin as long. This is all exacerbated by increased central heating, which again dries the air, and consequently, your skin. Naturally, keeping your skin as moisturized and hydrated as possible is key. However, when it comes to moisturizing, there are so many helpful tips that go way beyond slapping on some lotion. Here are five simple hacks that will maximize your fragrance…

1. Amp up your moisturizing routine

First things first, , gently pat your skin down when drying to keep all that moisture. When it comes to moisturizing, the aim is not to be completely dry, but to use any leftover moisture on your skin to your advantage. Experts agree that within three to five minutes after your shower is the best time to rehydrate your skin.

2. Apply your perfume correctly

If you apply perfume to your wrist and then rub your wrists together, you’re applying your perfume incorrectly. This will only shorten the development of the fragrance and it can even damage the scent. Instead, simply spritz your fragrance and let it sink into the skin. The best places to apply perfume is to your pulse points, like your wrists, elbows, neck, and chest.

3. Apply Vaseline to your pressure points

As we mentioned, perfume lasts a lot longer if you apply it to oily, damp skin. To add an extra hit of hydration, rub a little Vaseline onto your pulse points (your neck and the inside of your wrists) to lock in the scent.




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