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Is This The Cure For All Your Skincare Issues?

Is This The Cure For All Your Skincare Issues?

African Black Soap is an all-natural bar of goodness from West Africa that claims to cleanse, hydrate and replenish your skin. If you suffer from acne, this is definitely the product for you.
African Black Soap

This is black soap, an all-natural bar of goodness from West Africa that claims to cleanse, hydrate, and replenish your skin.

What makes it so good is the number of essential oils it's made with, as well as its main ingredient, dried plantain skins. The plantains are roasted in a clay oven, together with the cocoa, to produce an ash which gives the soap its black color, and is then mixed with the essential oils. This is basically a soap version of many peoples DIY ACNE face masks.


The Ingredients: 

It contains so many ingredients that are so good for our skin. Including coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and palm oil. It also contains the highest concentration of shea butter found in all natural soaps. Plus, it’s made with cocoa, ash, and plantain peels, which have the same healing qualities as banana skins.


For Your Skin:

Black soap is full of those fatty acids that will smooth your skin while repairing damaged tissue. Giving you a radiant glow too. It also contains two forms of Vitamin E, which will fight UV damage that causes premature aging. This will not only improve the elasticity of your skin, making it appear more supple, it’ll boost collagen production as well.


For acne and skin conditions: 

Black soap is hugely popular in West Africa and is prescribed to treat skin issues such as psoriasis or any other rashes because it’s so hydrating and cleansing for dry skin. The palm oil within the soap acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory so it’ll soothe any flare-ups and irritation. When applied as a lather to your face, black soap is an amazing cleanser for acne-prone skin, as it contains anti-bacterial lauric acid.


WARNING: Black soap is very strong and rich, so it's advisable to never use it directly on your face or on any skin conditions. Instead, lather the soap in your hands, then apply it to your face or body.




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