Ultimate Blow Bundle

Our Ultimate Blo Limited Bundle has arrived and features our customers favourite size barrels. Our CurlME mixed is the ultimate blow dry brush, designed to give you that professional blow dry look. Our innovative detachable hair brush locks in style with bouncy volume, voted #1 choice for curls by Hair Magazine. This set is great for giving you that bouncy hair. Plus get your hands on our newest product DetangleME. Take your hair from unmanageable and knotted to  silky smooth in a matter of minutes. Our, kind-to-hair teeth for pain-free detangling brush allows you to glide through the toughest of knots and tangles, removing them on contact. No matter what type of hair you have DetangleME is the brush is for you. 

This bundle also includes VolumizeME designed to add sleek volume to your hair.

Effortlessly working to boost the body of the locks, VolumizeME magnificently works through knots, tangles and hair damage to deliver your desired result. Working as a uniquely designed double-width brush, this incredibly effective tamer of the tresses intensely volumises the hair without harming or causing breakages and with the ability to lift the roots without creating a back-combed frizz effect, VolumizeME certifies itself as a haircare must-have.

Add incredible body to the hair whilst creating sumptuous shine with VolumizeME.

Plus our new WrapME, microfibre hair wrap towel.

Plus DreaME 100% Mulberry silk set: silk pillowcase, eye mask and scrunchie.   Enjoy hours of beauty sleep with the SLEEP London Pillowcase in 'PINK', a pure silk pillowcase.  Unlike standard, synthetic fibre pillowcases, our 100%mulberry silk has been utilised to create a luxurious night-time experience that is gentle on skin and hair. 

Bundle includes:

  • 6x Mixed Barrels( 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large)
  • 6X Medium Barrels
  • 12X clips

  • 1X handleME

  • 1X DetangleME

  • 1X WrapME
  • 1X VolumizeME
  • 1X DreaME ( 100% mulberry silk set including 1x eye mask, 1x scrunchie & 1X pillow)
  • £130.00
  • £180.00