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  • How To Get Rid Of Winter Dandruff

    Let's get this straight , dandruff isn’t caused by having unclean hair, in many cases, a yeast called malassezia is to blame. It’s often worse in Winter, as sunlight inhibits the yeast. Dandruff happens to the best of us and we all find it embarrassing and hard to talk about. But following these steps can help you out. View Post
  • Hairstyles Perfect For The Holiday Season.

    The holiday season has officially kicked off, which probably brings a jam-packed month full of festive fun and office parties. So this means you’re going to need to look party -ready all season long. To help you sleigh in the hair department, we've listed our fave hairstyles that are pe... View Post
  • Perfect Desk to Dancefloor Hairstyles

    With Christmas nights out season quick approaching, having to spend lots of unnecessary time and energy creating amazing hairstyles that last all day is a major worry. But with this in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite gorgeous (and doable!) styles that will effortlessly take you from desk to dance floor. View Post