Top Tips for Healthy Holiday Hair

Having good healthy locks whilst on holiday can be tricky when facing frizz, dry and colour faded hair. New climates and anything involving that pesky chlorine water can wreak havoc on your hair. So we've got some top survival tips for your Summer trip.

Kim Kardashian on the beach


1.Give Your Hair a Rest

Your hair is going to face a lot of changes whilst travelling. The climate, weather, humidity and even the water harshness will be different from back home. So tip number one is to give your hair a rest; don't wash is too often and use shampoo for as long as you can. Avoid using hair straighteners and curlers as this will only dry your hair out even more.

2.Hair Care

Salt and chlorine are your hairs enemies. After swimming, if possible, rinse your hair with fresh water, then blitz the ends with a leave-in conditioner. A top tip for you beach lovers is to fully coat your hair in an oil – preferably a natural one like olive or coconut oil – before swimming in the sea or pool. This way, your hair will absorb the oil instead of the damaging salt or chlorine.

3.Protection from the sun

Like our skin, our hair can overheat and burn. Yes, BURN. The best way to prevent that is to simply wear a hat or headscarf when you go out into the sun. But if you want those flowing locks out in the sun then add some protection by using a UV protection spray, these act like a sunscreen for our hair.