Perfect Desk to Dancefloor Hairstyles

With Christmas nights out season quick approaching having to spend lots of unnecessary time and energy creating amazing hairstyles that last all day is a major worry. But with this in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite gorgeous (and doable!) styles that will effortlessly take you from desk to dance floor. Easily style in the morning, with no need to restyle.

Style 1: Half Up, Half Down


We love the casual minimal upkeep of this style. Adding a fancy hair clip makes the look more wearable when you hit the town and immediately updates the look, adding a little bit of fanciness. Pratical and stylish, simply blow dry your hair with a slight wave for volume (use our largest barrels), and pin half up, simple!

Style 2: Voluminous Pony


Instant glamour and the perfect desk to dance floor look. Plus, once its up it won’t need restyling. The insane slicked front provides instant party vibes.

To achieve this look prep your hair with PrepME then blow your hair straight with our large barrel or straighten if your prefer. Use our VolumizeME to get that slick smooth front and tie up. Use SmoothME to tame any flyaways or frizz. Lastly back comb the top of your ponytail for height.

Style 3: Sleek & Wavy


Deep side parts as of late is everything we need for a work night out. Adding a pop of color and polish with bobby pins = night-out brilliance.

Wash your hair then prep using PrepME then blow out using our large and medium barrels for volume and wave. Then smooth out using VolumizeME and 2 drops of SmoothME. Add your pins, and tie up your waved ends into a soft curl bun.

Style 4: Simply Curly Blow


There’s nothing more Christmassy than big, billowy curls. We love this “messy” version, which instantly adds interest.

Simply blow out your hair as usual, using all 3 sized barrels. Roll barrels up once desired shape has been made, then wait to cool. Once cool, roll out and run your fingers through the curls for a soft look. Use 1-2 drops of SmoothME for that salon silky finish. Lastly, add volume to your crown using VolumizeME and loosely tie up your crown into a loose messy bun.

Style 5 : Curly Bun


This is the look that will make people think that you made a lot of effort on your hair. But infact its really quite simple, plus if you’ve got naturally curly hair you’re already a step ahead. Talk about TOTALLY glam. Rock this to cocktail party and you'll be the hair envy of the room.

Begin this style by changing your middle part into a deep side part. Then curl or blow out your hair, we recommend medium and large barrels to get that volume and curl you need. Brush through the curls you've created for a softer, old Hollywood texture. Spritz the crown with a volumizing spray and gently backcomb the roots. Lastly, loosly pin or tie up your bun, gently pulling strands away for a more natural look. Add hairspray and you’re good to go.