Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hairstyles are amazing! If you’re lucky enough to have long hair but aren't sure on how to style it, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve picked our top 5 looks that we think will look amazing this summer!

Woman with brown swoopy layered hair

Swoopy Layers

A blunt chop with 'U' shaped layers makes your hair look super thick and dense. By incorporating those long layers your hair appears polished and seek. This look is all about enhancing your full body and texture.

Subtle Layers

Looking for that Victoria Secret look? Then this is for you! The layers in this cut seamlessly blend together. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who don't want to lose any length and prefers the illusion of layers.

Gigi Hadid with curly hair and subtle layers
Woman with brown layered ombre hair

Layered Ombre

Perfect for summer, this look combines short and long layers but none in-between. Extreme layers are ideal for those of us with fine hair because they add major movement and volume. This will take your pony tail to the next lever girl!

Flipped Layers

Graduated haircuts are a great choice for dry and damaged hair because they promote hair health without making the hair too short. If your hair is thick then this will look amazing with a full bouncy blo using our CurlME brushes.

Bella Hadid with brown flipped layers
Jennifer Garner with layers and feathered bangs

Layers and Feathered Bangs

These go hand in hand and are the perfect combo for any face shape. We love the thickness that layers can bring and them bangs really help to frame your face. This look is perfect straight or with waves.