How to sleep on wet hair without morning regret

If you shower at night and are sick of blow-drying before bed, there’s still hope. We got some advice on how to sleep on damp strands without ending up regretting it. 
Sadly You can’t sleep on totally wet hair.  The problem is that there’s not enough time to set your hair and allow it to dry by morning. But if you’re okay with waking up to damp strands and blow-drying or air-drying them in the a.m., feel free to keep snoozing on damp strands. You also have to invest in a satin pillowcase. It allows your hair to move around freely, so you can just throw it up over the top of the pillow when it’s wet, which then further helps prevent creases in the hair.
The scrunchie Trick
Another way to prevent creases in your hair while you sleep? Use a scrunchie, which won’t leave marks or dents.Simply fasten your hair at the top of your head in a secure bun. 
The best trick

We suggest flipping your head upside down as it dries faster this way, then  blasting it with a hair dryer until it’s damp, not wet. Then, twist your hair into four loose buns before hitting the pillow. If you have naturally straight hair, a single bun will give you a looser wave. For those with curls, braids may be a better protective style.