How to protect your hair while you sleep.

If your nighttime routine ends with you simply putting your hair in a topknot and going to sleep then we sorry to break this to you but that has to end. Keep reading to discover our top tips to protecting your hair while you sleep. 
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The truth is that simple steps like occasionally incorporating a repairing overnight hair mask into your regime can work wonders on your hair. We also recommend to avoid sleeping with your hair tied up and resting your head on your pillow before your hair is completely dry to prevent breakage.
1. Avoid sleeping with your hair tied up
Sleeping with your hair up  may seem harmless, but the tension from having your hair up for several hours can put a strain on your scalp and lead to eventual hair damage.So instead, ditch the tight updo and go with a loose braid. Having your hair in a braid overnight will save your ends from excessive breakage that occurs when your hair rubs against your pillow. Plus bonus you get those amazing heatless waves.
2. Dry your hair before calling it a night
Hair is at its most vulnerable state when its wet, so it’s important to dry your hair completely to prevent tugging and severe breakage while you sleep. If you prefer to wash your hair at night, we recommend giving yourself an extra hour or two to allow your hair to air dry use a hair dryer to avoid frizz.
3. Splurge on a silk pillowcase
Might not think its worth the investment? Well, trust us your hair will thank you. Silk is a gentler fabric compared to cotton. The smaller fibres of silk pillows prevent your ends from excessive damage and pulling, especially if you toss and turn overnight.
4. Apply an overnight treatment
Take advantage of the downtime while you sleep and apply a hair mask before bed, leaving it on as an intensive overnight treatment to repair and hydrate your hair. Keeping your hair as happy as it can be.
5.Brush your hair before bed
Brushing your hair gently from bottom to top with a paddle brush before bed will ensure you’ll go to bed tangle-free. If shine is what your hair needs, brush your hair with a boar bristle brush as this type of brush is known for its ability to evenly distribute natural oils from the scalp through the hair.