Blow Dry Straight Hair Like a Pro

Brunette Woman with Straight to Curly Blow Dried hair

If you’ve got naturally pin straight hair you’ll know the struggle to get your hair curly and to stay all day. But with our tips you’ll be blow drying your hair like a pro in no-time.


The Preparation:

1: To blow-dry straight hair, you'll need a round brush, preferably an extra-large one that's at least two inches thick. Why? The bigger the brush, the more volume you'll get.

2: Next, applying a heat protector or an all in one prep spray on the roots of your hair and then a light dusting to the mid-shaft and ends. We suggest our PrepME.

3: Finally, seal some moisture on your dry ends with your favourite split-end mender or hair oil.



The Blow Dry:

If you're looking for that bouncy salon worthy blow, we recommend blowing your hair upside down. And the rest is pretty easy.


4: While upside down rough dry your hair with your fingers. Then, once your hair is 80-90% dry, flip it back up and part it all the way back to create two sections.

5: Then take your round brush and smooth your ends back with your blow-dryer. Create a gentle movement to get those curls in.


To Finish:

If you want extra curls, we suggest using a curling iron


6: If you want extra curls we suggest using a curling iron. Make sure the hair is completely


7: For a softer look gently brush out your curls before setting your blowout with a medium-hold hair spray.