How To: Blow Dry Men's Hair

A proper blow dry can leave your hair looking healthy and super shiny, but it can also give great body and movement to your hair. The trick is to be gentle and take it slow, don’t lose the slick style your after by rushing and over working your hair.

Zac Efron with pushed back brown hair and black sunglasses on

Wondering how to blow dry? First invest in a good hairdryer and a good brush or, of course, our CurlME bundle.


Step One:

Blow drying requires applying direct heat, which can damage your hair so always use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to help your hair retain its natural oils and a heat protector spray.

Step Two:

Comb out and tangles while damp, this will allow you to dry your hair more evenly.

Step Three:

Position the blow dryer 6–8 inches from your hair. f you hold it too close, the hot air can burn your hair and/or scalp. Use a brush, comb, or your fingers to pull your hair closer to the blow dryer if necessary. Or use are small barrels if you have longer hair.

Step Four:

Use your fingers to lift your hair in the front. Angle the blow dryer up from beneath your hairline so the air is pushing your hair upward. Use your fingers to gently lift and tug the hair at the front of your crown upward while you dry it. This will create a natural lift and add volume to the front of your hair.

Step Five:

Then flip your hair forward and blow dry it from underneath. If you're in a hurry or don't want to spend a lot of time fixing your hair, this is an easy way to give your hair more volume with less hassle.

Step Six:

When 100% dry, set your style with a blast of cold air from your hair dryer. This will add shine and lock the hair follicles in place. Then finish off with your favourite hairspray, wax or oil.