4 styles you can achieve when air drying hair extensions.

So we all know a little about hair care around here, so you’ll be familiar with the golden rule: the less you heat style your hair, the better.  Since most hair extensions are made from real  human hair, the same is true for your extra locks. Although you are free to curl and style them as you wish, air drying them from time to time can help prolong their lifespan and keep the unnecessary damage to a minimum. 

Style 1: Fishtail waves

This bohemian style is perfect for those favoring subtle bends in the hair. Simple pop a fishtail braid in your extension. (If you want a tighter curl look, section the hair off into smaller braids and fishtail individually.) Leave to dry overnight to ensure best results. We recommend setting them to dry in a well-ventilated room, preferably near a window or somewhere with good airflow. To help ensure a seamless blend, sleep with your natural hair in fishtails so that when you clip in your extensions, everything looks uniform.

Style 2: 3-strand braid

Braid your extensions normally in a standard 3-strand braid. Add some sea salt spray to your natural hair and your extensions as it is drying to give it an effortlessly tousled look. Leave to air dry overnight in a well-ventilated space. Then Unravel .


Style 3: Twist

A quick, easy-peasy style, the twist will give you romantic curls, perfect for date night. Take a small section of hair, divide it in two and begin twisting both sections individually. Then,  once they are both tight, twist the two sections together. Finish off by securing the ends to the roots of your extensions. Leave to dry overnight in a well-ventilated space. In the morning, unravel the twists and apply hair oil to help emphasize and define the curls.  



After washing, simply lay your extensions flat on a towel and allow them to air dry, brushing them out so they are completely straight. To prevent frizziness,apply hair oil to the ends and brush the extensions out flat on the towel. Cover the extensions with a breathable silk scarf to help ensure the extensions remain are straight as possible while they are drying.