The Uses & Benefits of Rosewater

Rose is a powerful skincare ingredient and one of the oldest tricks in the book. We've created a guide with all the info you need to know:

Benefit: Prevents Acne

Your skin’s pH balance is slightly acidic. This acidity helps to prevent the growth of the bacteria that can lead to acne. However, even just washing your face with water can disrupt this balance and push skin towards the alkaline end of the scale. Because the pH of rosewater is mildly acidic, it’s an amazingly easy way to restore balance to your skin and keep acne at bay.


Use: Great for Toning

Toning is huge and we can't wash our faces without forgeting this important step. It helps to remove residual dirt and oil while preparing skin to absorb the ingredients in your serum and moisturiser. Rosewater makes a great toner because it helps to break down anything lingering on the surface of the skin or in your pores and isn't harsh on your skin.


Benefit: Reduces Puffiness and Inflammation

Rosewater is an anti-inflammatory which helps to calm any kind of angry redness caused by the likes of irritation, sunburn, eczema, and acne. It also works miracles when it comes to reducing under-eye puffiness. Soak cotton pads in rosewater and gently press them over your eyes, leave to rest for few minutes the wash off with cool water.


Use: Great for Refreshing Skin and Setting Makeup

A quick spray of rosewater provides instant refreshment without disturbing your makeup. In fact, rosewater does a great job of setting makeup and restoring a smooth texture and glow if your makeup tends to turn cakey as the day goes on.