How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sore In 3 Days.

Cold sores are annoying, painful itchy and can make anyone feel little self conscious. So it's safe to say when they come we want rid. FAST.  But don't panic Here’s everything you need to know about cold sores and how to get rid of them.
Source: Sergii Chepulskyi/Shutterstock
Ice it as soon as.
As soon as you feel a slight tingle, indicating a cold sore is on its way, apply ice to the affected area to kill the bacteria and prevent it from spreading. This can significantly reduce the size of your cold sore and on a good day, prevent it from surfacing completely. 
Topical Treatments
The most effective method of treatment would be an oral or topical cream like Blistex. Apply the cream every two hours using a Q-tip  These are particularly helpful in the early stages as they can stop the cold sore from progressing into a blister or forming a scab.
Slow Down
Cold sores are often a consequence of a poor immune system due to a busy, hectic lifestyle,  so whenever one appears you need to slow down. Try to make sure you’re eating well, and getting plenty of natural vitamins and minerals to improve your immune system. And of course, prioritize sleep as much as possible, this means getting eight hours a night.